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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the whitelist and what is it for?
A whitelist in the NFT space is a list of unqiue wallet addresses (people) who have expressed interest in obtaining NFTs at launch time from a project.

Getting on a whitelist secures your space in the project for an early buy before the public sale begins. Popular public NFT collection sales can sell out within hours so this is a way of securing your spot.

Another reason for using whitelists is to prevent automated bots from buying up all the NFTs to keep a fair playing field for everyone in the community, avoid gas-wars and minimize network congestion during launch.
This is AWESOME, how can I get more involved with the project?
Sail the Stars is an entirely community driven project, please come join us in the Discord, we are waiting for you! The founders and team members are constantly in the Discord and we're happy to answer any questions and connect. There are a ton of opportunities to get involved and contribute to the mission. There is so much more to this project than just the NFTs, and you are invited to dive deeper into the vision with us, come join us in the Discord and explore the many fun games, missions, and challenges!
What will the price of the Dreamships be?
This is not fully decided yet as markets are fluctuating, we expect between 0.08 ETH - 0.12 ETH.
When will I be able to redeem the physical Dreamship poster?
The physical posters will be available in Q1 of 2022.
How many whitelist spots are available?
There are 999 Whitelist spots available
How many Dreamships can I mint when I'm on the whitelist?
You will be able to mint 2 Dreamships
When will the Sail the Stars whitelist sale begin?
The white-list sale will begin 24 hours ahead of the public sale.
When will the Sail the Stars public sale launch?
The date is yet to be announced. Because this project of epic proportions we want to make sure everything is done just right! Stay tuned into Discord, twitter, and the email newsletter for the date to be announced.
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