Come Get Inspired, and Join a Community Dedicated To Your Wildest Unfolding!
We're building a global ocean sailing adventure dedicated to inspiring, healing, and uplifting people around the world.

Come join us, learn from our process to heal and use your imagination to turn your wildest dreams into reality, and maybe even join us on the Ocean!
When You Follow Your Joy, the Whole Universe Comes to Support You!
You've probably heard this fortune cookie wisdom before, but does it really work?

Sail the Stars started as a joyful experiment to see if this was actually true.

We've accidentally discovered shocking evidence to the fact that there is no limits to what love can do, and that the wilder you dream... well... the wilder things get!
It All Started
As a Dream
Sail the Stars
To obtain a large majestic expedition style sailboat, and invite leaders, artists and wisdom keepers from all over the world to use the magic of adventure to unite people, bring out their genius and co-create video and educational courses that inspire people to re-connect to themselves, follow the heart, live their dream... and to share that with the world.
Sail the Stars
The Purpose
The whole ship, voyage, and video production will be dedicated to celebrating life and nature, assisting others in healing, growth, freedom, and spiritual transformation.

To create edge of your seat video and educational courses that assist others in transmuting fear, doubt, shame, connecting to the powerful healing force of the heart, and coming alive!
Community Impact
We will support local communities wherever we sail, connecting people to powerful mind-body healing practices and tools to assist in healing, reversing disease, healing from depression, anxiety, overcoming fear and shame...

...and assisting the birthing of dreams and visions that come along our way.
We Had Nothing...
Aside for the ceremonial paper boat there was no boat, no money, only a vision and every guarantee that the world was about to implode.

But I decided to share the idea anyway with an open heart... and something incredible started to happen.

Magic Unfolded
Sail the Stars
Through a series of miraculous events the project took on a life of it's own as friends, daring visionaries, sailors, 51 incredible artists, leaders and wild dreamers came together in support of creating something that inspires and uplifts our world.

We've had some epic challenges, but they've taught us the meaning of trust and surrender.
Sail the Stars
Where We Are Now:
Where We
Are Now:
We've secured 57% of the magic necessary to obtain the majestic flagship envisioned for the project! She's a beautiful Solaris 72' built especially for the task of circumnavigating the globe.  More magic is constantly invited :-) Thank you! 🙏 🎉 ❤️
Here's Who's Coming So Far!
We're now inviting people with inspiring life-changing messages who feel called to the mission and want to share their light with the world!
Dr. Kim D'eramo
Dr. Kim is a conscious physician, bestselling author of "The MindBody Tool Kit," and founder of The American Institute of MindBody Medicine.

Since she was 16 she knew she was here to assist humanity's ascension as a physician. She has now developed a practice sharing Conscious Medicine, and assists clients all over the world in reversing disease through the mind-body connection.
Holly Achaya
Holly is a spiritual teacher and healer who assists people in freeing their minds, healing themselves, and harnessing the full power of the imagination to create the lives of their dreams. She has a spark of life and passion that is infectious and reminds people that we're here to live and have shit-loads of fun in the process. She inspires people to create from a place of no limits & have the time of your life doing it.  She'll also be a diving instructor onboard.
Aga Somaheart
Aga is a trauma informed Breathwork practitioner. She has over 10 years of professional experience working in a variety of healing arts and spirit plant medicines.  Aga is one of the most sought out trauma-informed psychedelic practitioners in Canada and assists people in reclaiming the wellness and joy in their lives.  Through her humility shines a simple joy of life that helps you remember how to be a child and play again.
You Could Be Here
Find out below how you can join the real-life expedition and sail the world with a team of extraordinary people dedicated to growth, expansion, healing, and opening portals to new possibilities.
Also These Artistic Geniuses :-)
Also These Artistic Geniuses...
51 incredible digital artists from all over the world came together to create a breathtaking art collection of 3,000 Dreamships in support of the project, it was an epic undertaking!

Half of the proceeds of the sale of this art go towards the artists, the other towards the STARSHIP. We're bringing these artists and inviting many more onto the voyage!
51 incredible digital artists from all over the world came together to create a breathtaking art collection of 3,000 Dreamships in support of the project, it was an epic undertaking!
Join the STAR TRIBE Tribe, Be Part of the Mission and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
If you love and resonate with the vision and you have dreams of your own that you'd like to turn into reality, you're invited to come and join us in the STAR TRIBE! ✨ 🙏

The Star Tribe is our free online community dedicated the crowdfund and assisting you in coming alive, following your joy, and turning your wildest dreams into reality.
We're In This Together!
Get access to powerful processes and courses that will assist you in aligning with your joy, healing trauma, and creating a lifestyle around following your joy & passion.
Meet other activated people from all over the world who are on the same journey and want to co-create an amazing planet to live on.
Let go of lack and scarcity and open to abundance, possibilities and expansion.
Listen to mind-blowing speakers with incredible transformational stories and wisdom to share.
Learn how to stop procrastinating and use your body to navigate and steer through life into expansion and the unfolding of unlimited possibilities
Follow the project, receive updates, and find out about crewing opportunities!
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the boat? Where are you sailing from and what type of boat is it?
We have found the ideal expedition sailboat for the project, her name is Plum, she's located in Malta and is on sale for 480,000€
This epic boat was used by famous world sailor Enrico Tettamanti who used it circumnavigate the globe, cross cape horn, visit the Arctic and Antarctic.

This boat is a true expedition cruiser that has been all over the world and is a true rare gem, she is perfect for the mission and will meet all our needs.  We are currently in the final fundraising efforts to get her, join us!

Once we obtain her we hit the Seas and get started!
Plum, a Solaris 72', our current top
pick for the project.
Can I come? How do I get on board? How do I get involved?
Join the STAR TRIBE, introduce yourself, we're actively looking for awesome people to who feel the calling to join us and want to be part of this mission!
Where will you be sailing?
This will depend on where the STARSHIP is obtained: If in the Atlantic, as soon as we get the vessel ship shape and ready our planned route is to head for the Caribbean and proceed down through the Panama canal to Patagonia and cross Cape Horn.
How do I sponsor Sail the Stars? Are there sponsoring opportunities?
We currently have space on both the main-sail and the roller-furling sail for large sponsorship opportunities and are looking for long term sponsors of the show! Reach out to us.
Can I invest in Sail the Stars?
Yes, we are inviting deeply aligned funding partners, if this project calls your heart, please reach out to us! We'd love to meet you, if the stars align we'll send you a private investment brief and share the in-depth business plan of the project.

Team & Advisors

Kacper Maciej Postawski
Team Lead & Captain
Kacper has spent his life building projects and companies around disruptive technologies and ideas. He's a life-long sailor and is deeply passionate about exploration. The idea for Sail the Stars came to him while sailing through the gulf islands of BC, Canada. Visit kacper's blog here - To the Stars!
Calista Rocket
Calista is passionate about learning to surrender and open a little more to life each day and living in peace, harmony freedom and joy. Her greatest calling is to learn to tread gently on our planet and support the emergence of Heaven on Earth. She is a lifelong student of all related to sustainablity, low impact living, permaculture and natural healing.

George Hoeylaerts "Natural Warp"
Artist & Vision Co-Ordinator
George was born in 1976 in Belgium, started practicing the arts from the age of 9 and stayed on track till this very day. You will often find Cosmic Freedom, Infinite Energy, Universal Geometry and Visionary Breakthrough often as recurring themes in his work. George has been behind many of the creative ideas in the project.
Peter Madej (advisor)
Arctic Expedition Captain
Peter is the founder of and is a captain with over 200.000nm logged on expedition yachts, super-yachts and ocean racing yachts over the course of the past 15 years. Peter has sailed extensively in the Arctic and provides a platform to filmmakers, photographers, freeriders, freedivers and charter guests passionate about Arctic nature. He is a key  advisor for Sail the Stars.
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