Greece 2024, Sept 21 - Oct 21

Greece 2024 Sept 21 - Oct 21

Come Experience the Magic and Activate Your Highest Alignment
This adventure vision quest is for those bold souls who are seeking to activate their highest vision, have ridiculous amounts of fun, and be amongst other brave leaders dedicated to raising consciousness on the planet and living their highest excitement.

We'll be sailing the Ionian sea in Greece, our intention will be to sail from one majestic island and breathtaking spot to another, co-creating music, magic, poetry, birthing new ideas, swimming with turtles & dolphins, eating and cooking Greek food, visiting ancient temples, channeling the gods, and sharing our medicine with one another.  If you feel the calling, and you're ready for a serious life upgrade, you are invited.
Our Vision
Sail the Stars
To inspire, guide, and unite those who wish to raise the consciousness on our planet, by inspiring people to reconnect to nature and the Ocean, awaken to the innate healing power of the heart and body, and creating life-changing connections with like minded souls.

We're starting in Greece, September 2024.
Sail the Stars
A Transformative Adventure
Vision Quest of a Life Time
The theme: Crossing into the New World.

The old world is dissolving, it's time to create the new one, what will your role in that be, and how will you step into the leader you are meant to be?

The sailing vision quest starts in Greece, we'll be starting from the Island of Lefkada, full of breathtaking natural beauty, offering more to explore than any one human being could in a life-time.

The whole adventure will be a living ceremony, you will be asked to bring a transformative intention and an offering for the journey.

Your offering could be your gift, your song, your vision, or just your presence.
Your Intention Will Guide the Ship
Your Intention Will Guide the Ship
Before us will be infinite opportunities, majestic beauty, caves, secluded anchorages, ancient temples, rustic towns full of culture and incredible restaurants...

Greece will be our canvas, and we will let our imagination be the paint as we decide as a team how this adventure will unfold.
Sand Between Your Toes
Sand Between Your Toes
We will be spending much of our time surrounded by epic beauty in nature far away from the hustle and bustle of civilization.

There will be spectacular deserted beaches to visit accessible only by boat.

Campfires under the stars, priceless life-changing connections and conversations will take place during unforgettable starlit nights.
Ancient Temples, Hidden Caves and Waterfalls
Ancient Temples, Hidden Caves and Waterfalls
The Ionian islands are full of spectacular inland beauty that pop out like scenes from the movie Avatar.

From the temple of Apollo to hidden water holes with dazzling light to water-falls with healing water from bursting springs.

Many of these sites rest on powerful energetic ley lines that hold the key to powerful activation energies.

This will be your opportunity to go deep, meditate solo or during group excursions to access altered states of consciousness and go beyond the mind.
Play Like a Kid With People That Make Life Worth Living
Play Like a Kid With People That Make Life Worth Living
You will be surrounded by people who are living life at a higher frequency, dedicated to doing the inner work necessary to shift this planet.

The core intention of the vision quest is to activate each other with the maximum amount of fun, play, connecting to nature and the healing power of the heart.

We will be letting loose, and waking up each day asking the question "What would I love to do today?"
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