A List of the Wild and Brave
Supporting NFT Artists
Cryptoart OG passionate about skulls, skeletons and anatomy in general, metaverse pioneer, creator of $SKULL(one of the first social tokens).

"For me Art is a research. Instead of merely copying reality, my focus is to understand what lies behind it, to see past the details and to find the essence of things. Every curve has a life, a reason to be, a beginning and an end, a personality. On top of that I love adventure and traveling so this project caught my eye right away!"
"I'm passionate about the NFT space and the metaverse. I create metaverse-native characters, architecture and environments with VR art tools. I play with scale, mixed reality and immersion. I recently curated a show for 1stDibs (20 year international art sellers), I present the NFT art focussed Metanauts show on YouTube and am now curating and collaborating with Metapurse, Beeple and TIME magazine for the Dreamverse event in New York."
Javier Arrés
It´s easy to get lost in Javier Arrés´ work, and that´s exactly the point. His hyper-detailed ink drawings of fantastical cities and machinery and equally hypnotizing animated gifs he´s termed "Visual Toys" invite us to expand our imaginations. Javier has always been interested in industrial landscapes, recalling models of miniature cities and the classic SimCity games as some of his earliest influences. 

His intricate work has since garnered him the attention of clients including the NFL and The New York 
Times, as well as numerous awards, most recently winning first prize in the "Work on Paper" category at the 2019 London Art Biennale. In the crypto art scene, he is one of the most recognized artists worldwide and the greatest Spanish exponent.
"My art is inspired by internal visions gifted by plants, dreams and God. I am most interested in the great mystery that feeds and consumes the world."
Natural Warp
"My work translates these culture-bridging and world-unifying inner discoveries into recognizable and soul-touching visuals.

Every piece I make is the result of an attempt to express my constant awe for the unseen, the unknown, that of which we know is there but cannot touch, feel, hear or see.

I noticed I feel a daily recurring need to translate the otherworldly, to visualize those dimensions we are 100% intertwined with but remain unnoticed for the untrained eye. This drives me to keep on creating and reinventing myself through the use of colors and geometry and let these speak about vibrations, perspectives and multi-dimensional horizons.

This is the reason you will find Cosmic Freedom, Infinite Energy, Universal Geometry and Visionary Breakthrough often as reoccuring themes in my work. "
George Boya
George Boya is a Greece-based freelancer collage artist and illustrator. He studied Interior Design, Art Conservation &
Restoration. His artworks blur the lines between collage, painting, stained glass techniques and photography.

He visually 
deconstruct[s] parts of the real world that we normally think of as stable in order to create a new surreal collage composition. For the past 15 years he participated in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, collaborated with theatrical productions and made publications in various magazines. 

For the past 2 years he has been using digital tools and creates new narratives and animations as a bridge from the art 
of the past to the art of the future. He is inspired by science fiction stories, fascinated with the technological inventions and dreams of future worlds. He happily entered the NFT art space at the Spring of 2020 realizing that this is the future of Art.
"I am a fine artist working with traditional and cutting edge mediums, deeply inspired by the evolutionary and historical process, of knowing our stories and understanding the development of human consciousness through time, and representing and exploring this development through the realm of symbols and symbol making through visual art."
"I'm fascinated by the idea of finding beauty in chaos. Fractals are mathematical chaos within which incredibly beautiful order can be found. This is my art and my process.

Similarly, the natural world, all of science, all of what we humans think of as real, can be thought of as beautiful forms having come from chaos. The nature of which we are all still trying to discover."
"I'm a generative artist.

Inspiration strikes during philosophical ventures into the unknown."
Alien Honey
Julia K. Ponsford (aka "Alien Honey") is a self-taught interplanetary and multidisciplinary artist. Her visual arts style is ever evolving and hard to pin down, thriving on experimentation and floating through a world of dreams. She is also an ambient electronic musician and enjoys making hypnotic and surreal soundscapes.
"To be honest, inspiration for my art comes from a lot of external and internal sources, but I genuinely think what I'm most inspired by is my peers in this space. I have no reluctance to acknowledge that the
cryptoart community saved my life, and not a day goes by that I'm not honored and proud to have been at the particular time and place; and point in my life that I managed to stumble down the rabbit hole
exactly when I most needed purpose. For that reason, and several others, I can honestly say that (despite all the pfp nonsense lately) there's nothing I've been more interested in, passionate about, or
grateful for than I am for the NFT space, the innovations we're all a part of forging, and the community that not only dares to dream big, but chases those dreams with a stalward confidence we will not
Madolf D
"Madolf is my pseudonym resembling my mad love for wolves...My art inspirations mostly comes the mystical elements that are happening or had happened around us, in short I mean mythology coming along from various sides of the world, the senses that we experience especially the darkness cause I believe it to be the real among all and that's why skull is my favorite element...besides this movies, games and other artists works are my inspiration too :)
This whole career is like a journey to me that makes me passionate about trying more and more versions of my style...experiencing many realms of digital art (adding collaborations with amazing alike mindset artist buddies for sure) and I love to share my experiments with our admiring community..."
Greg Fiut
"I'm inspired by all the little things that surround me.

I like to see them as a conglomeration of shapes that I can manipulate and define their meaning."
"I am inspired by exploration of unknown. As such VR metaverse is what I am most excited at this moment. I am learning and building on top of Somnium Space platform. I am working on buildings,
avatars, special effects and as soon as worlds are released I will be developing my own pocket universes in VR. At the same time I work to promote and highlight stories of other artists in the space by doing podcasts and exhibitions from the metaverse."
"I' m a self taught 3d artist since 2017

My creations usually happen to me i never have a script or concept.

Love exploring the mind"
"I am Gidravlik, a digital artist, DJ, motion designer. I am developing a new genre in art called cryptogeometry. I create an original style, but I also collect other geometric artists to integrate them in my gallery and bring more attention to geometric art. This art is based on sacred geometry, magical symbols of the divine language and psychedelic fantasies. Opens up the ability to see many dimensions at the same time, gives a therapeutic psychological effect, hypnotic attraction and enhances the effect of meditation. This is not just art, it is a tool for expanding consciousness. Crypto means code, geometry is a divine language for transmitting sacred information from ancient times. By understanding the language of geometry, your consciousness is synchronized with your spirit. Welcome to the multidimensional universe."
Rogan X
"My art is inspired by my perception of the world, as a vibrant and constantly shifting place. My passion and interests are building, creating, community and conversation - which are currently engaged by my role with a web 3 startup called Figment. When I am not hard at work, I enjoy spending time with my partner of 15 years and our cat. I have always believed that by sharing my love and supporting people who are in need that my spirit is capable of nearly anything, and I have survived many world travels already. Those travels have given me a perspective on human culture and history that is both a blessing and a curse at times. I absolutely love being a champion of the arts, wherever I go."
Cartoon Advisory
"I have been working with Digital Art for about 6 years now. I became interested in digital mediums in High School when I was taking TV production, but I started to gravitate towards photoshop/illustrator a
few years after that and fell in love. I eventually started up college and got my bachelor’s in Digital Art & Design. Which is where I picked up Cinema4D and have been using that pretty heavily ever since.
My every day life inspires my pieces. Some pieces come from a ‘negative’ place but I have been blessed to be able to express that in different ways through. A prime example is the series that I am working on right now, which involves recent heartbreaks and missed opportunities. I like to think that I’ve been able to express those feelings in a beautiful way. But a lot of what I learned from school also is applied into each piece. Right now I am interested in growing my 3D skillset.
Silje Thorn
"My fine art journey started in the summer of 2020, when I discovered Crypto Art. My experience being in illustration and client work, I had never really considered anything else. When I discovered that there was an alternative art market emerging, my work changed entirely and I started looking inwards for inspiration for my art.

For this first wave of pieces, I’ve been inspired by my observations of the beautiful broken humans around me (myself included). I’m looking forward to experimenting more with incorporating XR technology in my future work.

My art is available to purchase as NFTs on KnownOrigin, Async Art and Rarible."
"I am addicted to creating art, both traditional (painting and drawing) and digital

My art is my life."
David Loblaw
"I am a multi talented digital artist that creates surreal style images! passionate about marine life and other images from nature, from trippy jellyfish to giant animals!"
Mehak Jain
"Indian Artist and Chess Player.

Exploring human understanding and choices.

Creator of stories.

Seeker of answers.

My works explore the behaviour and irrationality of humans by creating a space of unbiased thoughts and by providing viewer’s an evironment to keep themselves into and experience the moment themselves.

They present dark concepts and difficult situations which often appear to be beautiful outside but once given some time they present a very different story.
"Science fantasy digital artist from the UK.

enjoying the growth as an artist. I create collages mainly, and some 3d rendered scenes.

Most of the 
time I use 3d techniques to bolster my 2d work. I've been documented multiple times saying that I treat the creation of my work like a sport, I'm fascinated, almost obsessed, with the thought that you can train yourself to be the best possible artist, like a footballer would do, to become a pro. So every piece is a step forward towards where I want to be."
"I'm a metaverse builder and a cryptoartist, I mostly create around voxels, but I also have photographic/video and animation skills that I introduce in my artworks. I'm currently passioned by metaverse, NFTs, anarchism, dogs, blacksmithing and martial arts."
"Hi! As an artist, I very much enjoy weird, mysterious and bittersweet themes. I think a slight sliver of longing or comfort against a darker concept can be greatly interesting regardless of the medium in
which it is created. 

My love for these genres likely stemmed from growing up watching films 
such as The Matrix trilogy and the Underworld franchise. From then on, my interest in alternative fashion and anime have also been great fonts of inspiration for me. I have been creating work surrounding these themes for 4 years now and began my journey with NFTs on SuperRare about a year ago.

Currently, I am continuing to create personal artworks and animations to strengthen and expand the narrative between all my work and the dystopian world it lives in. I also work as an artist & designer at
the MetaFactory DAO. My largest goal at the moment is to create a playable world which explores the unspoken story within my work."
"Im a 32 year old 3d Artist from Frankfurt Germany. Having studied virtual Design and Airbrushdesign I'm passionate about the disotopian near futureish Cyberpunk universe. Imagening how society deals with current challenges and how life might change is an inspiration. My goal is to visualize that in all its beautiful and frightening ways."
"My art is based on my life experience and much in line with spiritual, emotional and growth part of humans.

My passion is to develop further my art and inspire people to see these sides of humanity. I work mainly as illustrator on 2D but lately I have been learning also how to animate and add music and voice
over to my pieces. I think art is a constant evolution and learning.
What made me develop further artistically was to have challenges and collaboration pieces."
Alejandra Her
"My name is Alejandra Her and I am an artist based in Caracas, Venezuela. I like to express myself in two styles: digital painting and narrative illustration. My art focuses on the exploration of internal and external worlds, carrying out a simultaneous process of literary and graphic creation."
My artistic background is as diverse as upbringing and including experiences in the world of design, technology, engineering, and tattooing. I have participated in and organized exhibitions and workshops across the world notably in Paris and Istanbul.

I try to take a holistic approach to my artwork, both in ideation, practice, and medium. My technical background often manifests in my artwork, which is often abstract in nature. I try to apply multiple
forms of thought and intelligence to my creations resulting in multi-faceted style. I can call myself a “math freak”, which effects my artwork heavily influenced by geometry.

My mood, often rapidly
changing, is another major influence on my artwork and vice versa, with art acting as an important emotional outlet. That is why I jump back and forward from style all the time, sometimes my works are totally dark illustrations and sometimes they are all colorful generative artworks.
Ahmed Partey
"I am a visual artist based in Accra, Ghana. I am 31years old and have lived in Ghana my whole life.

I have been making art since i was little but started making digital art in 2010. I got into NFTs in May 2020 and have been an NFT artist since. I have worked on collaborative projects like Artvatars with other amazing artists and on NFT markets like superrare, knownorigin, makerplace and foundation.

Authenticity is a major thing for me so far as art is concerned. I want people to see my art and recognise its source of inspiration, African masks. I want people to feel a deep connection with their ancestors of the past and the future of their children. This holds real meaning to me and every African or non-African that appreciates my work.

By drawing inspiration from African masks and 
sculptural pieces I infuse my own uniqueness and extra layers of meaning to my art with emphasis on bold colors, abstraction and surrealism. The themes i find interest in are identity, connection, religion, depression, love and rejection."
"I'm an NFT photo-manipulation artist who works primarily with digital art. I live in the United States with my husband and our two dogs. I have created art all my life. I began finger painting when I was a baby and later discovered digital artwork. My transition to digital art began when my grandfather, a computer engineer, introduced me to computers at the age of six.

Most of my works tell the story of my abusive past and how I am recovering with art. A lot of these pieces are emotional, dark and surreal. I also like to dabble in creating fantasy worlds and science fiction pieces.

I hope you enjoy my works and will continue the journey with me as I heal with art."
Uwe Heine Debrodt
"Our biological environment has involved to a perfect equilibrium in all possible aspects. Every structure generates an audiovisual spectacle that give us the feeling of being alive in this universe of wich we are part. 

This organic vision is the one I am interested to shape using current technologies with CGI (Computer 
generated imagery), edition and production software in the audiovisual performance of videoart, animations, digital art and aural art as well as traditional ways of creation, painting, sculpture and ceramics. This is my vision, to blend and transform the shape, the color and the sound.
Mr. Monk
My art has been inspired mainly by Pop Culture, comics, 80's TV shows and so on, and currently I'm passionate about spreading a message of hope, where we still can be humans, not only with the help of this crypto revolution but with our every day actions. Let's be Human is my motto.
"I am fascinated by cities and landscapes and the way they reflect human interaction with the landscape. I am currently working on a series of pen and ink aerial drawings as well as a series of
abstract colored city-scapes which aim to reflect the movement and chaos of the urban environment."
Papertoys, skateboarding, traditional art and everything else
"Since my late teen years I started to have a need to create, a need to release something, a form of catharsis. I am not inspired by anything in particular, but by life itself, though my art I express feeling and states that otherwise I could not. Currently I am working on my university thesis, a short film done in 3D. I am dedicating it a lot of time and I put all my passion there."
"I am Igor, visual alchemist and Soul Explorer in the Multiverse of Love. My biggest passions are abstract, surreal and psychedelic art. My art is mostly alchemy of the styles I like. I am living in material, spiritual and digital worlds and find inspiration in all of them at once."
Alissa Christine, Founder of LUVRworldwide is a multidimensional, multisensory, high vibration, visionary, virtual reality, Healing Artist, Photographer, XR Experience Designer, Author and Crypto Curator. Her manifestations focus on positive change by inspiring inner growth, spirituality and sustainability with love. Florida International Magazine called her a “Power Player – one of 100 individuals pushing Florida into the future.”
Alotta Money
My art is about taking people out of reality and bring them in cyberdelism. I believe in decentralization and blockchains.
By day I'm a Senior Graphic and Information Designer, creating wayfinding for cities and transit. By night I'm an NFT artist going by Waxbones. I have a very distinct style inspired by tattoo culture and classic 30s cartoons, as well as horror and scifi movies, all mushed together. I also touch on themes of mental health which is ver important to me
Cody Seekins
Cody Seekins grew up as a nomadic U.S. military brat inspired by the cover art of fantasy novels and RPG’s. His early influences included also many of the classical masters of Europe, while living in Italy and Germany. As a young adult, Seekins discovered a psychedelic process, which he expressed through traditional media as a style of visual surrealism. He further realized his practice while obtaining an MFA in Fine Art Painting from the Academy of Art University.

Seekins has been actively exhibiting worldwide since 2010. His bibliography includes print features by Schön! Magazine, The Encyclopedia of Infernal Delights, and A capella Zoo; and media recognition by Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Beautiful Bizarre Magazines. A genuine enthusiast of the crypto space, he has begun to integrate both digital and analogue practice into his imagery. Seekins works at present from a studio in Thailand.
I greatly enjoy creating realistic landscapes and adding in some surrealism. I like to find photos from around the world and recreate them in cinema 4d, octane and add some surrealism into them to create my own piece of art.
Cyber Shakti
Hello, I am a photographer turned glitch artist. With my work, I infuse the essence of the Divine feminine into the blockchain space. I am currently very interested in learning creative coding and motion graphics to enhance my storytelling abilities.
Debbie H Digital
I'm a South Korean graphic designer and an illustrator based in London, England. My artwork is a mix of abstract shapes and dynamic colours, which together portray graphical illustrations with an air of mysticism and surrealism. I get inspired from everywhere but actively look for abstract arts and portraits. I I use abstraction and imagery that allude to human emotions and portraits are often tended to be central to the composition to evoke universal feelings and emotions.
Jungle Symbol
Denys Krupodorov, aka Jungle Symbol, is a self-taught artist living and working in Ukraine. He creates his paintings in the style of visionary art, taking into account mental health and its metaphors, as well as the complexity of identity, deep spirituality, and consciousness. Common to all his works are historical symbols surrounding fractal nature that exists outside of one reality.
His artworks are hyperreal and surreal. They contain detailed scenes drawn with a digital pen with photographic precision. Jungle Symbol digital art composition is heavily influenced by mythology. He often returns to images of archetypes in order to evoke instant recognition in the viewer, a feeling of fleeting acquaintance.
The artist uses repeating motifs of animals, sacred plants, flowers, shamanic traditions, and oriental sacred lore as symbols of transformation. In these drawings, you can find a mixture of facts and fiction, real and unreal. Each image looks like a strange dream, which at the same time inspires you and makes you think.
Dieguito Li
Much of my inspiration comes from music, movies, and memories. I like to think about my art as a way of materializing them.
OUTPSYD is a Persian 3d sculptor and a researcher in ancient civilizations and mythologies based in SriLanka . His art is influenced by psychedelic realms . Outpsyd's unique style of mystical-futurism is immediately recognizable; his artwork is known for its multi-detailed sculptures and otherworldly concepts.
E Merlin Murray
I'm a freelance artist, illustrator and animator with a prolific personal practice. Since then I'm a freelance artist, illustrator and animator with a prolific personal practice. Since the beginning of 2021, this has been almost entirely in the world of NFTs. My work is primarily rooted in drawing, usually using analog media, but in recent years I've moved into animation, and create various types of work using both digital and traditional methods.
This personal work is focused largely on human consciousness and the brain, often portraying my own life in dealing with mental illness (I’m bipolar), and is informed by current thinking in the world of neuroscience.
My commercial work is often found in the world of music, with album covers, tour posters, and music videos created for a variety of artists across the world. I've also illustrated books and book covers, and provided the art for Satoshi Faces - an innovative NFT x DeFi collectible project.
By far the most exciting thing for me this year has been the launch of Madame Sofia’s Oracle of Wisdom, a collectible project run by myself and my wife, Sophia, a writer and poet. Here’s the blurb for that:
Madame Sofia’s Oracle of Wisdom - a place where the spirits of the cosmos cling to this earthly realm to bring those who Believe closer to their true path. Through 8,888 unique NFTs, the words lost to mankind have been reborn in the Tarot to bring true wisdom to those who choose this path.
Otherwise, briefly: I’m an English-sounding Scottish father of four. I have travelled widely in Europe and
Asia and long to adventure again after two years in Covid lockdown.

Fabiano Speziari
Fabiano Speziari was born in 1977. After graduating in design, he began working as an industrial technical designer and artist, experimenting with different materials and techniques, having a single guiding philosophy: to investigate the human soul, its relationship with nature and the environment that surrounds it. The human being who, naturally, is led to ask questions about that which surrounds them, but who often does not know how to respond, and eventually finds themselves with more questions than answers. From these thoughts have come various works over the years. Initially they were trees and natural forms done on canvas, or small, strange animals made of resin. He subsequently devoted himself for some years to land art and installations in nature, before moving on to using light and defined geometric forms. He began creating the “Message in a pencil” series, large bright pencils that convey messages. At the same time he developed the idea of agglomerates, housing modules that represent the home and human life relegated to an urban and standardised environment, giving life to paintings and luminous sculptures. His current projects include developing a new botanical encyclopedia for future generations and creating mini dioramas which use sound and light technology, as well as dematerialising art by experimenting with cryptoart.
Salamandra Artworks
Psychedelic art ~ Visionary art ~ Strange drawings ~ Cryptoart ~ Magic path
Gary Cartlidge
I like being quirky and toying with peoples minds with basic witty street art. I also enjoy art based on the mind, the subconscious gateway of emotions and potential connections to the digital.
Artist in Light. Passionate for manual camera controls; Gisel creates with a hybrid digital 4x5 video camera. She explores light; incorporating conceptual response to dichotomies and
similarities found within technology & spirit. Gisel has recently launched OFF/ON Gallery, is co- founder of the "Women of CryptoArt" collective & RISD photography alumni affinity leader, Gisel continues expanding towards artistic community initiative & expansion for all.
Heya, I'm a neurodiverse xR creative who loves to explore and discover their art through experimentation and introspection. I'm inspired by processes and the actions of creating. At the moment I'm interested in grappling and moulding motion through photogrammetry meshed with VR painting tools. I'm passionate about taking time to discover an artwork, working iteratively and distilling it into a feast for the mind. Other than creating Artworks, I'm an extended realities creative producer and I play D&D in my spare time =]
My art is primarily self expression through form and color. Since it is a representation of my feelings , emotions, thoughts - it is always centered around the female form. I read a lot so there are heavy influences on my art from poetry and the kind of reading material I am immersed in at that moment. I strive to create something that questions , soothes , delights all at the same time.
My life experiences have been a prime driver and the inspiration behind my art. During my early days of travelling I went on to record and release songs about my adventures, detailing the experiences in verse, while nowadays a lot of my work embodies themes of decentralization, Blockchain and NFTs.
Having been a Hip Hop artists (producer & emcee) for almost 30 years now, my path has broadened from being just a creator/performer to building communities and working directly with the technology I've become so passionate about. Throughout my journey, collaboration has always been a constant theme, thriving on the energy and creative input from my peers to evolve my process excited by spontaneity and its unpredictable outcomes.
Community has always been important, with my role as a leader evolving over time where now I find myself endlessly involved in various activities across the spectrum of metaverse events to new technology platforms. I've been blessed to have lived in various parts of the world, building friendships and alliances along the way.
One love!

Jeff Drawbot
I’m a digital - 3D artiste, I start my art journey after a big expo in boom festival were I discover and fall in love with visionary art.
My inspiration comme from all the psychedelic, visionary, surealist, dreamish and spiritualish art and mainly from the digestion of my own spiritual and psyche expériences. I’m defenetly keeping my geeke, video game, comics and all my child passions trough my réalisations and the style that I like.
I can say what passion me the most to do now is digital audio visuals realisation in team work or alone.. And collecting vintage toy figure ^^
My art always evolves around color and shape. I am fascinated with combinations of forms that in the best scenario evoke emotion or can recapture memories and experiences. Personally, I feel free and in balance while working on my pieces and I try to transport that feeling through my work. Bringing Balance into the daily chaos for just a few seconds. Right now, I try to explore combinations of different real life landscapes with abstraction of form and ideas that I encounter on a daily bases. But I never set a plan that I need to achieve on a strict schedule. I try to let it happen naturally.
I'm Monfa, and I'm from Latin America, I was born in a small country called COSTA RICA, where I grew up drawing and imagining. I studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design. I have worked doing books, illustrating them, I have been an art director and I currently live in Mexico where I continue to do the same thing I did as a child: draw and imagine.
The subjects of my drawings are many, but I think I can summarize them in fantastic and almost real places, borrowed memories and almost forgotten dreams.
Pako Campo
My art talks about diversity, about beauty, about human feelings, about appearance and reality, about what is hidden everywhere under a layer of uniformity. Big cities inspire me, places where people from all over the world mix, just as I like to mix artistic disciplines in my work. I am passionate about the evolution of art with new trends and disciplines, and I support its transformation to a new and fair art world.
Hi, I'm Pascal, I'm a film designer and visual director from Belgium, I worked for 20 years for the film and show industry and that left me creatively exhausted and depressed. A the lowest I discovered NFTs and crypto back in 2019/2020 and all the creativity and energy I found following this community sparked the creative light back in me. I leraned from a lot of projects in the last year and I can't imagein the future without NFTs and blockchain technology. I'm trying to create images in 2D and 2D, but I can't stay focused on one thing and I'm also a jazz musician, film director and writer. It's uncanalized and sometimes it's a big mess. Oh and I love boats since I was a child, I almost bough one some years ago to live on it and this is the first thing I'll buy the day I sell art for millions ;-)
Reinhard Schmid
Established German artist with more than 3 decades of experience in traditional and 25 years in digital art.
Started my journey into crypto art in 2018 as one of the very first artists on MakersPlace. Soon after that I was accepted by the all the premier marketplaces, including SupeRare, KnownOrigin and AsyncArt. In 2020 I was admitted into the prestigious Art x Whale project. Inspired by beauty and mechanics... Fascinated by the wonders of nature and passionate about always going that extra mile.
Since I was a teenager I have been imagining a future where humanity exists inside digital realities. Reading cyberpunk novels like Neuromancer and Snow Crash made me believe this was a probable destination. It also made me question the nature of reality itself and introduced me to ideas of simulation theory, perception and consciousness. I started creating drawings and paintings about cyberspace and transhumanism inspired by visuals from movies like the original Tron, Lawnmower Man, Tetsuo Iron Man, The Matrix, etc... After this I moved into video art and installations, trying to create immersive experiences with projection mapping and stereoscopic video. What I was really waiting for was for VR tech to catch up but this didn't happen until I got my hands on an Oculus Quest in late 2018. Since then I have been creating 3d art inside VR with tools like Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, Adobe Medium in combination with photogrammetry/3d scans of real objects. To finally be able to use these tools and create art immersively after so many years feels like a dream come true. I am now learning game engines such as Unity and Unreal to be able to deliver the art immersively for the viewer as well. The combination of NFTs and Virtual Reality is something I am really excited about.
Rudolf Boogerman
I'm a mixed media artist living in Belgium. I use my camera/corder like a brush to create moving images, often expressing, yet not limited to, abstracted ideas about human nature and (r)evolution. Apart from that, I use every tools I get my hands on, including AI and 3D,... I'm also interested in psychology and anthropology. A lot of my work is concerned with how we see ourselves as a separate entity, as if we are not part of this planet. But I also publish artwork under my Alter Ego, which is different in nature. There is The Gangrene Chronicles (comic) and the 4 Dimensional Architecture ( an esthetic series, launch 30 october 2021 on OpenSea).
Rutger van der Tas
When I create I float in a timeless environment with no boundaries only playful options. I drown myself in lines and colors trying to capture something that's not there.
Simon Haiduk
I'm curious about our psychic connection to nature and the metaphysical unity of all life. In my devotion to the creative process, I strive to produce art that inspires harmony between the Earth and its shared inhabitants. I feel that our collective need and appreciation for nature unites us all. Each creation reflects an aspect of my life journey, thinning the veil between physical and metaphysical realities.
I've been making art and music for most of my 39 years of life. Within the past ten years of my professional career I've been combining my own digital painting, animation and music. In the past 5 years I have come to a refined synthesis of these creative mediums by remixing them into unique experiences along with live music as a VJ. Sometimes at live concerts with other music artists, and sometimes as a solo live event titled Metta Grove Experience ( http: / I have over 40 of pieces animated, and plenty more as static 2D artworks - with plans to animate them all. I feel like this synthesis of my creative endeavours is one of my primary achievements and is very well suited to the NFT art markets.
Mera Takeru
I'm a pioneer of crypto art in Japan, tokenizing and publishing my own digital art since April 2019. I was officially recognized as an artist by platforms such as SuperRare, KnownOrigin, and MakersPlace, and sold over 250 pieces by the end of 2020. My art is a fusion of my own unique sensibilities and ideas with the beauty and depth of Japanese culture. I want to surprise and inspire people who have never met me before to see, buy, or own my work. Currently, I'm publishing collaborative works with various companies and artists in Japan and abroad, and running an art project called "36 BLOCKS OF FUJI" to spread new Japanese culture to the world.
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Kacper Maciej Postawski
Team Lead & Sailor
Kacper has spent his life building projects and companies around disruptive technologies and ideas. He's a life-long sailor and is deeply passionate about exploration. The idea for Sail the Stars came to him while sailing on a tiny boat through the gulf islands of BC, Canada. Visit kacper's blog here.

George Hoeylaerts "Natural Warp"
Artist & Vision Co-Ordinator
George was born in 1976 in Belgium, started practicing the arts from the age of 9 and stayed on track till this very day. You will often find Cosmic Freedom, Infinite Energy, Universal Geometry and Visionary Breakthrough often as recurring themes in his work. George has been behind many of the creative ideas in the project.
Peter Madej
Professional Expedition Captain
Peter is the founder of and is a captain with over 200.000nm logged on expedition yachts, super-yachts and ocean racing yachts over the course of the past 15 years. Peter has sailed extensively in the Arctic and provides a platform to filmmakers, photographers, freeriders, freedivers and charter guests passionate about Arctic nature. He is a major advisor for the project.
Sasha Lebaron
VR Lead & Community Manager
Sasha's early career span across professional stunt bike riding, fire-fighting, and submarine navigation. Currently Sasha spends most of his time in the virtual reality sector and as a community manager for @SomiumSpace, he proudly calls himself a full-time Metaverse nerd.
Pieter Wishmore
Boat Hunter & Sailor
Pieter has been involved in production design of unique global events since 1996 and has had numerous positions on super-yachts sailing around around the world, he has crossed many oceans and spent 7 years working on many different super-yachts. Peter has a passion to create a new way of life and help stimulate the growth of collective consciousness
Byron Nifakis
Project Manager & Sailor
Byron has a passion for freedom, travel, true health discovering how the world really works and has to has wanted to sail around the world since young. To stay healthy and fit, he commutes as much as he can on his bicycle, practices yoga daily and has a plant-based diet.
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